Star Wars: Rey's 10 Best Quotes From The Last Jedi (2023)

By Bella Vigliotti

While a divisive movie, The Last Jedi was arguably Rey's best depiction in Star Wars – and she has the quotes to prove it.

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The Star Wars franchise has captured the hearts of viewers all around the world, taking the audience on adventures through space and saving the galaxy. The first original three movies –A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return Of The Jedifollow Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa, and Han Solo. These films have accumulated a massive following and because of their success, six moremovies have been released since.

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The secondset of movies are the prequels to the original three. The series wrapped up back in 2019, the last three films serving as sequels to the Original Trilogy. TheSequel Trilogy follow a young Jedi in training named Rey. Throughout the series, Rey showed the audience how powerful and strong of a character shewasthrough her dialogue –more specifically The Last Jedi.


10 "You Failed Him By Thinking His Choice Was Made. It Wasn't."

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Time and time again, Rey proved herself to be a character who clearly thought about what she said before she said it. She showed the audience that despite being a Jedi –who are notorious for loving action –that she was very insightful about everything and everyone around her. She was not afraid to call out Luke Skywalker in saying that he was made a mistake and messed up in assuming that Ben Solo was going to go to the Dark Side. Her calling out Luke Skywalker simply further proves how strong of a main lead she is.

9 "If He Were Turned From The Dark Side, That Could Shift The Tide. This Could Be How We Win."

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In The Last Jedi, a lot happens that breaks the characters, in particular the Resistance – the band of rebels fighting against the First Order. Rey is part of the Resistanceand for a good chunk of The Last Jedi, the Resistance have been beaten to the ground and lost their hope. But Rey goes to see Luke Skywalker to devise a plan that will help the Resistance, and this quote is nothing shy of the fact that she truly believe she will save her friends and in the cause she is fighting for.

8 "And You Didn't Fail Kylo. Kylo Failed You. I Won't."

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Rey is the type of character never to give up, it's why she has so much hope and faith, a common trend that viewers see in the film, and can only commend her for. Again, her insightful look on thestoryLuke told her really gets the audience rooting for Rey. She clearly wants to be a Jedi, but needs the proper education to become one.

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Her desire to find out more about herself is something everyone can relate to, making her that much more relatable. But in her instance, becoming a Jedi will hopefully not only lead her to discovering more about herself, but also help the Resistance.

7 "You Will Not Bow Before Snoke. You'll Turn."

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ThroughoutThe Last Jedi, Kylo Ren and Rey form the start of a friendship, causing the characters (and the viewers) to realize the two are not so different after all, despite being on opposite sides of the same war. Rey says this to Kylo Ren –also known as Ben Solo –when the two are on the way to the throne room to confront Supreme Leader Snoke.

The two are at a standoff, waiting to see who will come to who's side first. Both are confident, but Rey has the extra advantage of knowing Kylo Ren's true nature and heart from not only the force connection that bonds the pair, but also knowing that at one point he was a good person.

6 "You Underestimate Skywalker. And Ben Solo. And Me. It Will Be Your Downfall."

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It's no secret that Supreme Leader Snoke put all his eggs in one basket, betting that Kylo Ren would never even dream of betraying the First Order. Yet that is exactly what he did – to an extent.Rey knew there was still some good left in Kylo Ren.Rey was not afraid to tell this to Supreme Leader Snoke, a man who could tear her in two with the force if he wanted to.

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In the end, Rey was right and Snoke did underestimate Kylo Ren, who killed him with Rey's Lightsaber. But he also underestimated Rey who held her own in a fight with the Imperial Guards, but also managed to escape with her friends safety at the end of the film, a feat that Snoke never imaged Rey being able to pull off.

5 "I Need Someone To Be Able To Show Me My Place In All This."

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Not only is Rey battling the First Order and trying to get the Jedi training she needs, she is still trying to find out who she is both as a person and her last name. Rey comes from a place called Jakku, a place where nothing ever happens. She has no clue who her parents are and is quite literally trying to find the person she is both inside and out. This quote shows her desperation, an emotion that Rey does not show often. But this is the entire reason why Rey so desperately needs the help of Luke Skywalker, who is the only person who knows enough about the Jedi to show her who she really is.

4 "Something Inside Me Has Always Been There. But Now It's Awake. And I'm Afraid."

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In the first film,The Force Awakens, Rey discovers she has Jedi abilities. With the stress& anxiety that is coming from having gone face to face with the First Order, it's no wonder she is scared at what she has become. This quote shows her vulnerability, another point that the audience can relate to. Rey showcases a lot of emotions throughout the film, The Last Jedi, and her admitting she is scared honestly just makesher more likable.

3 "We Need the Jedi Order Back. We Need Luke Skywalker."

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Upon first getting to Luke Skywalker's island home, this quote is one of the first thingsRey says so him.This quote reinforces the urgency of the mater, because moments before it cuts to this scene, the Resistanceis shown fighting the First Order and losing. Honestly, Rey saying this one line kicks off the movie and starts it on a high note, preparing the audience for the adventure, action, and betrayal to come.

2 "The Island. Life. Death And Decay That Feeds New Life. Warmth. Cold. Peace. Violence. Balance. An Energy. A Force."

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This is one of the most iconic scenes in the whole film; Rey finally understanding what the Force is and what it truly means to harness and use the Force, with the guidance of Luke. The Force is something that many characters inThe Last Jedido not fully understand, but to see Rey finally realize that the Force is everywhere and not just limited to access of Jedi's is a high point in the movie and the audience can't help but be proud that she sees this.

1 "Inside Me, That Same Force."

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When Rey finally admits to what she feels and her relationship with the Force, the audience could not be happier for her. This confession means thatshe will finally be able to use the Force, giving her the help she needs to bring down the First Order and Kylo Ren. Of course,Rey will need practice and patience in learning how to use the Force, but that is what Luke Skywalker is for, who – in the end – succumbs to her wish and teaches her the ways of the Jedi.

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