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New and improved

Enhanced for the 2023 edition, Samplitude Music Studio has been taken up to new levels with an array of improvements for both useability and customisation. New and improved export workflow lets you work faster and more efficiently than before. Re-designed from the ground up, you can access your export presets from the main menu, drastically reducing export times.

Now supporting MIDI VST plug-ins, Samplitude Music Studio lets you utilise your favourite MIDI plug-ins! Opening new possibilities, you can combine as many as you want simultaneously, freely route MIDI signals and much more.

For usability, Samplitude Music Studio now allows you to dock the plug-in browser and mixer, keeping essential tools within one click away at all times. These can both be scaled to fit any window size, creating a cleaner interface with drag-and-drop functionality from the plug-in browser to your arranger window.

Recording made easy

A wide selection of recording templates are included with Samplitude Music Studio, ranging from MIDI sessions to full band recordings. Supporting multi-track recording in 24-bit/96kHz resolution, Samplitude lets you record 16 mono or eight stereo tracks simultaneously, making it a simple solution for recording band practises, full instrument orchestration or solo vocal performances.

Utilising the recording templates, all it takes is one click to get your project prepped for any recording situation. Ideal for beginner producers and engineers, specific tracks will be created for specific instruments, with pre-loaded processing such as EQ and compression, allowing you to get a radio-ready sound out of the box.

Once recorded, Samplitude includes a plethora of editing tools to get the best from your performance. Vocal Tune 2 is included to correct any pitch fluctuations in your vocal recordings while maintaining the natural sound of the vocal.

A world of sounds at your fingertips

Discover the world of limitless musical possibilities with Magix Samplitude Music Studio's extensive collection of virtual instruments. Elevate your compositions and arrangements with a diverse range of sounds that cater to every genre and style. From the rhythmic intricacies of 12 Tiny Percussion instruments to the rich resonance of five drums & percussion sets, Samplitude Music Studio ensures your tracks pulsate with life and energy. Unleash your creativity with 6 powerful synthesizers, perfect for crafting deep basslines, ethereal soundscapes, and captivating leads. Transport your listeners to the grandeur of a concert hall with five authentic orchestra sounds & choirs, including cellos, pianos, and a full ensemble. Strum your way through the versatile tones of two guitar instruments, delivering warm semi-acoustic vibes and imposing power chords. And to truly set your music apart, explore additional instruments such as accordions, banjos, flutes, and more.

One-of-a-kind editing

With innovative tools and object-oriented workflows, Samplitude offers everything you need to create great-sounding music. Cut and arrange recordings with ease and efficiency, assign plug-ins to individual clips, adjust EQ and time/pitch settings in the object editor, and enjoy a range of features designed to reduce the number of tracks in your project and make automation easier. On top of this, a dockable mixer offers quick access to the most important elements of your project. The powerful, flexible and creative options refine the production process to a simple and intuitive workflow, so you can easily compose, record, mix, and master your songs.

Effortlessly adjust the pitch of audio files without affecting playback speed, perfect for making quick harmony changes in arrangements. Additionally, you can easily modify the playback speed of your audio material without altering the pitch, ensuring your music stays in tune.

Experience the convenience of object-based workflows, allowing you to edit the sound of individual audio clips without changing track settings or creating new tracks. Apply effects to specific elements, such as a single word in a vocal recording, to make it stand out. The object editor also offers EQ and time/pitch settings for each clip, providing unparalleled flexibility.

Design seamless transitions between different audio files using the crossfade editor, delivering an unbelievable listening experience. Magix Music Studio 2023 also enables you to combine takes and objects into groups at any time, allowing you to group objects on one or more tracks and move, edit, or add effects to them simultaneously. Unlock your creative potential with the advanced editing tools in Magix Music Studio 2023.

Put the finishing touches on your project with onboard mixing and mastering

Elevate your music production with Magix Samplitude Music Studio 2023's first-class mixing and mastering plug-ins, providing unmatched sound quality and powerful tools for both the mixing process and final touches. Utilize the AUX busses to control reverb and delay effects on individual tracks, and submix busses for combining multiple outputs, such as drums.

Experience a seamless workflow with the improved export feature, offering a modern design and clear structure for quick access to essential options and presets. Maintain a clear overview of projects using the dockable track editor, granting easy access to crucial track functions, faders, and flexible window arrangements.

Efficiently edit files with ARA2 support, enabling faster editing with ARA2-compatible plug-ins and simultaneous multi-track editing. Implement tempo control using the Tempo Track feature, ensuring clear structure and smooth transitions in your arrangement. Create custom transitions and advanced automation using Automation Shapes, perfect for fades and dramatic modulations.

Achieve professional results with the Mastering Suite, featuring a StereoFX module, multiband compressor, 6-band equalizer, limiter, MultiMax, and more. For beginners, the Auto Mastering function analyzes your audio material and determines optimal settings. Lastly, enhance your production with the essentialFX Suite, a collection of 11 sophisticated plug-ins for essential mixing and mastering effects.

Comprehensive analysis tools

Samplitude Music Studio 2023 offers a comprehensive suite of visual analysis tools for precise sound adjustments and optimal track quality. With the innovative WaveColor feature, visualize the sound character and pitches of your song using color gradients and saturation levels, making it effortless to spot noise, artifacts, and differentiate instrument types in your audio tracks.

Benefit from advanced visual sound analysis that helps you mix and refine essential frequency ranges for crystal-clear audio output. The program includes a vectorscope for phase control, spectroscope for displaying spectrum levels, and spectrogram for showcasing frequencies over time.

Assess mono compatibility and make accurate adjustments with the direction meter, which provides a visual representation of your production's sound in the stereo field. Additionally, the peak meter displays the peak level of your production, enabling you to identify and eliminate clipping by lowering the levels of specific elements during mixing.

Sounds and loops with Soundpools

Discover the versatile Soundpools feature in Samplitude Music Studio 2023, allowing you to effortlessly blend various styles and richly produced samples. With an intuitive drag & drop interface, you can seamlessly combine urban and exotic sounds to create new rhythms, melodies, and songs that synchronize with your heartbeat. Experience the exhilarating sensation as your music comes to life with five unique Soundpools packs: Guitars Only, Movie Score, Trap Melodies, Pretty In Pop, and This is EDM.

Enhance your tracks with the captivating charm of the Guitars Only suite, offering a diverse range of guitar sounds perfect for adding a special touch to any song. Immerse yourself in the world of film and TV with the Movie Score pack, featuring 3,000 dramatic and tension-filled sounds. Dive into the gritty realm of Trap Melodies, showcasing distorted basslines, hard-hitting 808 drums, and distinctive leads.

Explore your creative side with the Pretty In Pop collection, boasting vibrant modern synthesizers, cool guitar riffs, dreamy pianos, and even a full-blown orchestra. Lastly, elevate your festival performances with the This is EDM pack, brimming with vocal chops, FX, and deep house keys. Experience the power of Samplitude Music Studio 2023's Soundpools and let your musical imagination run wild.


  • Improved export workflow for faster, more efficient workflow
  • Integrate external hardware effects as plug-ins
  • Ships with Vandal SE guitar amplifier simulator plug-in
  • Carve and shape your tones with ModernEQ
  • Includes 32 VITA instruments
  • Virtual instruments: Including synths, guitars, choir, pianos, strings, brass, bass and drum machines
  • Support for MIDI VST plug-ins, allowing you to combine as many as you want simultaneously
  • Improved user-friendliness with a docked mixer and plug-in browser, putting all essential elements close-by
  • Precise crossfade editing
  • 10 new Soundpools - Choose from ten different styles and hundreds of richly produced samples
  • Drag-and-drop operation to combine sounds however you like, creating new melodies and beats
  • Improved design
  • Professional multi-track recording in 24-bit/96 kHz studio quality
  • Internal hybrid audio engine
  • Quickstart Wizard offers templates for playing and recording instruments
  • MAGIX Audio Remote app, start recording on your PC using the app
  • Unlimited sounds & loops


  • Operating system:
    • Windows: Windows 10, 11 (32 & 64-bit)
  • Processor: Dual-core, 1.5GHz
  • RAM: 2GB (32-bit), 4GB (64-bit)
  • Graphics: Minimum resolution 1280 x 768
  • Hard drive space: 2GB for installation (10GB recommended)
  • Supported audio formats: WAV, AAC, MP3, CD-A, OGG Vorbis, AIFF, FLAC
  • Authroisation: Internet connection required
  • Product code: 639191910074-ESD
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