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Average PODS pricing table

1 bedroom 2-3 bedrooms 4-5 bedrooms
Local Move $225 – $435 $345 – $650 $330 – $830
< 250 Miles $465 – $815 $760 – $1,970 $930 – $2,130
Cross Country $2,110 – $4,110 $3,060 – $4,960 $5,560 – $7,660

PODS cost per month ranges from $180 to $300 depending on the size of the container you’re storing. PODS containers can be stored at a company facility or at your home. Monthly costs do not include delivery or pickup fees.

For a local move, PODS can cost anywhere from $225 to $850 depending on the size of your move and the number of times the containers need to be moved.

For long-distance or cross country moves, PODS pricing can range from $450 to $7,600 depending on the distance and number of containers being shipped. Base costs include 1-month storage, mileage, and fuel, but do not include moving labor or packing materials.

To narrow down your cost we recommend getting a quote from PODS directly. You can also use our Moving PODS Cost Calculator to see how PODS pricing compares to the competition.

Alright, now let’s take a deeper look at PODS cost structure and how the company compares to other storage container companies.

How much does PODS cost for a local move?

Whether you’re staging your home, have a gap in leases, or just need some extra time to move, you have 3 storage options:

  • Rent a local storage unit: local storage facilities are everywhere and can offer very competitive monthly storage rates. The main drawback is you’ll need to move everything twice if you’re renting a storage unit. This option is most cost-effective if you require long-term storage (greater than 12 months).
  • Store with a moving company: most professional moving companies have warehouses and offer competitive monthly storage rates. The only drawback is access to your items while in the storage center can be limited. Monthly storage rates tend to be higher than local storage facilities so this option is best if you only need to store for a few months.
  • Rent a portable storage container (PODS!): avoid having to move in and out of a storage facility by having a storage container delivered directly to your house. PODS storage is a great option if you need to store your items while moving to your new place.

Alright, now that we’ve established some portable storage container alternatives, let’s look at PODS’ local move pricing.

PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) offers 3 different container sizes, each with slightly different pricing. Charges include delivery fees, transit costs, and monthly storage rates. The most expensive option being their largest, 16-foot container.


Most of the rates are the same across container sizes. The only major difference is with the first Month’s Rental fee which varies depending on the size.

For local moves, you can easily get a free and instant PODS quote. And if you have a larger move, the website can also give you instant cost estimates for renting multiple containers.

As an example, here is the pricing breakdown for a local move in Atlanta, GA.

7-foot container 12-foot container 16-foot container
Container Delivery $89.99 $89.99 $89.99
1st Month Rental Fee $154.99 $194.99 $209.99
Additional Months Rental Fee $189.99/mth $189.99/mth $189.99/mth
Move Container To A New Location $94.99 $94.99 $94.99
Final Pickup $89.99 $89.99 $89.99
Insurance $15 – $425/mth $15 – $425/mth $15 – $425/mth
Padlock $35 $35 $35
  • The initial container delivery and the final pick up should cost you about $89.99 each.
  • If you need to move your container to a different location, that will cost about $94.99.
  • The first month of your PODS rental should cost you from $159.99-$209.99 depending on the size of your container.
  • The following months of renting your PODS container will cost about $189.99 per month.
  • Insurance costs can vary widely depending on the declared value and level of coverage you choose but you can expect to pay from $15-$425
  • You need to buy your own padlock for your moving container, these cost about $35.

How Much do MoversCost?

Get instant ballpark pricing. No email or phone required. It's fast, free, and easy.

How much does PODS cost for a long-distance move?

PODS pricing can vary widely for long-distance or interstate moves.

Unfortunately, you also have to get on a phone call to get pricing since PODS’ website doesn’t provide instant online quotes for long-distance moves.

Again, you’ll really need to call them to get an actual idea on the costs for your interstate move.

Since interstate moving costs can vary drastically from company to company we highly recommend getting quotes from other moving container companies as well.

1 bedroom 2-3 bedrooms 4-5 bedrooms
< 250 miles $459 – $845 $765 – $1,880 $950 – $2,180
Cross country $2,349 – $3,968 $3,064 – $4,744 $4,237 – $6,989
  • The average PODS cost for a move within 250 miles goes from $459 to $2,180 depending on the size of the move.
  • The average PODS cost for a cross country move goes from $2,349 to $6,989 depending on the size of the move.

PODS Pricing vs. The Competition

How Much Do PODS Cost? [2023 Pricing] | moveBuddha (2)

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  • Unlimited storage
  • 3 container sizes
  • Nationwide

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How Much Do PODS Cost? [2023 Pricing] | moveBuddha (3)

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  • Fast delivery
  • Nationwide
  • 100+ miles moves

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How Much Do PODS Cost? [2023 Pricing] | moveBuddha (4)

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  • Price matching
  • 10% discount
  • Local/long dist.

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How Much Do PODS Cost? [2023 Pricing] | moveBuddha (5)

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  • Park on street
  • Labor available
  • Small moves

Get A Quote

(888) 947-7974

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  • Online pricing
  • Small containers
  • Insurance options

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How Much Do PODS Cost? [2023 Pricing] | moveBuddha (7)How Much Do PODS Cost? [2023 Pricing] | moveBuddha (8)

(Video) PODS REVIEW | PODS Moving Cross-Country Experience I Cost & Tips 4 packing your PODS Container
Here are what we found to be pretty average price ranges for PODS and four of its biggest competitors — U-Haul U-Box, ABF’s U-Pack, Zippy Shell, and 1-800-PACK-RAT — for different types of moves.

We want to caution you that these are just averages, and may not reflect the price quotes you actually receive from any of these moving container companies.

Every move is different, so you should get personalized quotes from every company you’re considering so you know exactly how much they’ll charge you for your move.

And remember, when it comes to moving pods, the cheapest isn’t necessarily best. Check out our ranking of the best container companies to see how they compare in other ways, like their customer service, availability, flexibility, and more.

Cost for a Local Move

PODS U-Box U-Pack Zippy Shell 1-800-Pack-Rat
1 bedroom $214 – $428 $160 – $642 Not Available $203 – $256 $160 – $535
2-3 bedrooms $321 – $695 $321 – $749 Not Available $321 – $674 $214 – $674
4-5 bedrooms $321 – $856 $321 – $856 Not Available $374 – $802 $363 – $845
  • A local move with PODS can cost anywhere between $214 to $856 depending on the size of the move.
  • A local move with U-Haul U-Box costs from $160-$856.
  • U-Pack doesn’t offer local moves.
  • Zippy Shell will cost you from $203-$802 for a local move.
  • 1-800-PACK-RAT costs $160-$845 for a local move.

Cost for a Move < 250 Miles

PODS U-Box U-Pack Zippy Shell Pack Rat
1 bedroom $459 – $845 $481 – $1,070 $963 – $1,391 $535 – $984 $497 – $973
2-3 bedrooms $765 – $1,880 $765 – $2,140 $1,177 – $1,819 $781 – $1,712 $706 – $2,033
4-5 bedrooms $950 – $2,180 $856 – $3,210 $1,284 – $2,033 $1,177 – $3,317 $1,070 – $3,638
  • A move within 250 miles with PODS can cost anywhere between $459 to $2,180 depending on the size of the move.
  • A move within 250 miles with U-Haul U-Box costs from $481-$3,210.
  • U-Pack will charge $963 to 2,033 for a move within 250 miles.
  • Zippy Shell will cost you from $535-$3,317 for a move within 250 miles.
  • 1-800-PACK-RAT costs $497-$3,638 for a move within 250 miles.

Cost for a Cross-Country Move

PODS U-Box U-Pack Zippy Shell Pack Rat
1 bedroom $2,349 – $3,968 $1,284 – $3,745 $1,605 – $2,675 $1,926 – $4,173 $1,284 – $4,066
2-3 bedrooms $3,064 – $4,744 $2,675 – $4,815 $2,568 – $4,173 $2,996 – $4,815 $2,568 – $4,922
4-5 bedrooms $4,237 – $6,989 $4,280 – $7,490 $3,745 – $7,062 $5,5564 – $7,490 $5,457 – $7,383
  • A cross country move with PODS can cost anywhere between $2,349 to $6,989 depending on the size of the move.
  • A cross country move with U-Haul U-Box costs from $1,283-$4,280.
  • U-Pack will charge $1,605 to 7,062 for a cross country move.
  • Zippy Shell will cost you from $1,926-$7,490 for a cross country move.
  • 1-800-PACK-RAT costs $1,284-$7,383 for a cross country move.

As you can see, while not the cheapest option always, PODS is definitely competitive on pricing in most categories.

See other pods container companies:

  • Smartbox
  • MovingPlace
  • COWs Mobile Storage
The results are inBest long distance movers of 2022We researched hundreds of movers and found the five best professional movers of 2022.Check it out
(Video) What Fits in a 16-Foot PODS Container

Factors that determine how much PODS charges

One important thing to note is that there’s no set price for a move from PODS or any other company. Container moving and storage companies look to a number of factors when they’re preparing a quote for your move. Here are just some of the factors that get taken into consideration before you’re given a price.

Your Starting and Ending Locations

The zip codes that you’re moving from and to can affect the bottom line price for your move, mainly because of the differences in availability at different locations. How far the company needs to travel to deliver or pick up your containers also comes into play here. And moving in rural areas is often cheaper than in cities, because transporting containers is easier in places without traffic and tight parking.

The Timing of Your Move

Spring and summer are peak moving times, which means it’s often more expensive to reserve a container during those months. And since more people want to move on the weekends, prices may go up to reflect more limited availability on Saturdays and Sundays.

How Far You’re Moving

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but the distance of your move will affect the price. Generally, the farther you go, the more it’ll cost, especially with container companies, where the costs associated with transporting the containers (like fuel and vehicle maintenance) are built into your quote. Expect higher PODS cost cross country than for a local move,

How Much Stuff You Have

If you have more stuff, you’ll need more or bigger containers, which tends to end up costing more than if you use smaller or fewer containers.

Whether You Purchase Add-Ons

Many container moving companies offer add-on services, from packing help to moving supplies to supplemental insurance for your containers or your belongings. Purchasing any of these extras will add to the bottom line cost for your move.

How To Lower the Cost of Your Move

With all those factors in mind, there are some ways you can try to bring the cost of your move down. Don’t accept a quote without trying these tips, especially if you’re trying to move for as little money as possible.

Try to Haggle with Your Moving Company

Not every moving company will allow you to negotiate on the price they offer you, but some do. And the worst a company can do is say no, right? Take whatever quote they offer you and ask them if (and how) they can do better on the price. There might be a special or a discount you can qualify for, but you won’t know unless you ask.

Compare As Many Prices As Possible

PODS is far from your only option if you’re considering a container move. For example, one of the biggest moving companies in the world, U-Haul, offers its own U-Haul pods that are well worth checking out. There are tons of container companies to choose from, and comparing all their prices and services can help you get a great deal. Check out our comparison of PODS competitors, from the services they offer and their availability to their containers and prices.

Move During Off-Peak Times

Spring and summer are the busiest and most expensive times to move, so avoid those. Moving in the winter isn’t the most fun, but is moving ever fun? And while you’re at it, avoid moving on the weekends. Scheduling your move date for mid-week days can help lower the cost significantly.

Skip the Add-Ons

While it can be tempting to purchase add-ons for your move, like loading and unloading help, you can save a ton of money by rolling up your sleeves and doing the heavy lifting (literally) yourself, if you’re able. Look for other ways to save, like by purchasing used moving supplies rather than adding them on to your container order. The one place where you shouldn’t skimp, though, is insurance. Make sure you have adequate coverage for both the containers you rent and your belongings, or you could end up paying way more in case of an accident or other disasters.

Move Less of Your Stuff

Less stuff means a cheaper move, and there’s no time like moving to consider what you really need and downsize the rest. By embracing minimalism and getting rid of any furniture, clothes, and other belongings you don’t truly need in your new home, you can definitely reduce the cost of your move.

(Video) How much it costs to fly first class in pods!


How Much Do PODS Cost? [2023 Pricing] | moveBuddha? ›

For a local move, PODS

The moving pods themselves are typically seven, 12, or 16-foot box crates made of steel with roll-up, keyed, ground-level access. They are also weather and impact-resistant. If you pack the moving pod, usually the company will move it no matter what- whether you are an individual or business. › blog › what-is-a-moving-pod
can cost anywhere from $225 to $850 depending on the size of your move and the number of times the containers need to be moved. For long-distance or cross country moves, PODS pricing can range from $450 to $7,600 depending on the distance and number of containers being shipped.

How much does a pod cost? ›

How much does a PODS storage unit cost? PODS storage unit prices start at $149/month. Delivery and pick-up fees average $74.99. In most cases, delivery and pick-up charges can be waived depending on the duration of your container rental.

Is it cheaper to use PODS? ›

U-Haul might be the cheaper option in most cases, but spending a little extra money on PODs might make the moving experience easier in the long run. Even though it may be $1000–$2000 cheaper to rent a U-Haul moving truck instead of a PODS moving and storage container, cost doesn't always make (or break) a move.

Are PODS more expensive than storage? ›

Is a pod cheaper than storage? There is a a common misconception that pod storage is actually less expensive than traditional, public storage. The truth of the matter is that, when compared with PODS, public storage is generally less expensive.

How are PODS billed? ›

How you'll be billed. PODS offers a simple billing cycle and payment schedule for our monthly rental and pay as-you-go services. You'll be charged the day before your initial delivery or re-delivery. Monthly rental charges will be billed on that same date each month.

What is the downside of pod? ›

Cons of Payable on Death Accounts

Another con is that you can't change the beneficiary of a POD account once you name someone. So if they pass away before you do and there are no other beneficiaries named to follow after them, the account would be subject to the normal probate process.

How much can fit in a 16 ft pod? ›

The 16-foot container is PODS' largest and most popular size for local and long-distance moves and for storage, holding the contents for a space up to 1,200 square feet. Fits contents from a 1- to 2-bedroom apartment or small home (3 to 4 rooms). A practical solution for moves requiring temporary storage.

Is laundry detergent cheaper than PODS? ›

Of course, laundry pods aren't superior to regular detergents in every way by far. They are much more expensive than both liquid and powder detergents. Some can cost as much as 50 percent more. Powders are the most inexpensive of the options, followed by liquids, then pods.

Is it cheaper to buy laundry detergent or PODS? ›

Not only that, but the detergent pods themselves are manufactured to contain less water, allowing this cleaning agent to remain stable for longer periods and produce better results. That said, detergent pods are the most expensive option per load of laundry.

Are PODS a good choice? ›

PODS is a good choice for people who are up for packing, loading and unloading their belongings—or who are willing to outsource to another company. If you want to store your belongings at a PODS Storage Center long-term, you are likely eligible for free or reduced delivery fees.

Do PODS get hot inside? ›

It depends on a few factors, like season and weather conditions, but you can expect most non-climate-controlled units to reach 90°F or warmer. Surprisingly, the temperature inside a storage unit can be up to 30 degrees higher than the outside temperature.

How long can you keep PODS? ›

How much time do I have to load, and unload my PODS storage unit? PODS storage includes a 30-day container rental, so you can take all the time you need to load and unload your portable storage container. Need to keep your container longer? No problem.

What is the biggest pod you can rent? ›

PODS has three container sizes. The smallest 8-foot option can fit belongings from a studio apartment. The company's largest 16-foot portable storage container can often accommodate four-bedroom homes. And PODS' 12-foot shipping container can fit up to three rooms for moves under 50 miles.

Do you tip a pod delivery? ›

And if you happen to be using portable containers like PODS, tips are not expected by PODS drivers, as they are there to deliver or pick up your moving container after you've loaded or unloaded your belongings. Pro moving tip: Pay only for the moving services you need.

Can I pay cash for a pod? ›

PODS accepts these major debit and credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Certain locations may accept check, money order or cash for local moves. PODS' billing cycle begins on the day of initial delivery and continues to the same day the following month.

Does every pod need a service? ›

Running a pod or deployment without a service is very possible, and in some cases it will be perfectly fine. If your workloads do not require communication with other resources either within or outside of the cluster there is no need to use a service.

Does pod avoid taxes? ›

First, the beneficiary named on a P.O.D. account is usually not subject to any taxes at the federal level. But the amount in the account at the time of the owner's passing might be taxable to his or her estate.

What happens when a pod fails? ›

If a Pod is scheduled to a node that then fails, the Pod is deleted; likewise, a Pod won't survive an eviction due to a lack of resources or Node maintenance.

Why would a pod fail? ›

However there are several reasons for POD failure, some of them are the following: Wrong image used for POD. Wrong command/arguments are passed to the POD. Kubelet failed to check POD liveliness(i.e., liveliness probe failed).

How many PODS do I need for a 3 bedroom house? ›

As an example, you typically need one 8-foot PODS container for a small apartment, one 16-foot PODS container for a two-to-three bedroom home, and two 16-foot PODS containers for a living space with five or more rooms.

How do you pack a couch in a pod? ›

Place heavy items on the bottom, lighter items on the top. Turn couches on end. Cushions, pillows, and other soft items – all of which should be in plastic bags – can be useful for filling in empty spaces. A snugly packed container will minimize shifting during transport.

What is the average pod size? ›

PODs generally come in three different sizes: Large (16ft), medium (12 ft) and small (8 ft). These are the exact dimensions of PODs: Large: 16 feet long, 8 feet wide, 8 feet high.

Do pods clean as well as liquid detergent? ›

Also, even the best pods, also known as packs, can't match the cleaning power of CR's top-rated liquid detergents. Some pods are more expensive per load, too. How about powders? Sales have dissolved, and you'll find very few brands on store shelves.

How many laundry pods do I really need? ›

For a regular load of laundry, one pod is enough. When doing an extra-large load with enough clothes to fill a front-loading washer that holds up to 20 pounds, use two pods.

Which is best laundry pods liquid or powder? ›

Washing powders often contain bleach, which helps to keep your machine clean and smelling fresh — but liquids and pods don't. This means dirt and germs can build up inside the drum. To prevent washing machine smells, you should run your machine empty every couple of months.

What are the pros and cons of laundry pods? ›

Benefits of Laundry Pods

Pro: Pods are very effective at cleaning clothes in cold water. Con: Pods can't pretreat or spot-treat stains. So, what's the best laundry detergent? If you enjoy simplicity, go with pods, and if you like to save money, go with powder!

How much do Tide Pods cost per load? ›

Designed for use in conventional and high-efficiency washing machines, Tide Pods cost an average of 22 cents per load—more than many detergents but not the most expensive in our roundup of nearly 70 detergents.

What type of laundry detergent is the most cost effective? ›

Most cost-efficient: Arm & Hammer – Clean Burst

The most affordable solution for households, Arm & Hammer Clean Burst receives rave reviews for its value, scent, and everyday cleaning potential. Formulated with baking soda, this detergent is designed to power out odors and freshen clothes.

Which company is best for PODS? ›

  • PODS. : Best overall.
  • 1-800-PACK-RAT. : Strong containers.
  • Zippy Shell. : Low prices.
  • U-Pack. : Excellent reviews.
  • U-Haul U-Box. : Nationwide availability.
7 days ago

What are the best PODS to use? ›

  • Best Overall Laundry Pod. Tide PODS Clean Breeze. ...
  • Best Bang for Your Buck. All Mighty 4 in 1 Odor Lifter. ...
  • Basic Performance for a Great Price. Amazon Basics Detergent Pacs. ...
  • Best for Stain Removal. Tide Power PODS Heavy Duty. ...
  • Best Dye-Free Detergent. All Mighty Pacs Free Clear. ...
  • Great for Sensitive Skin and Babies.

What to look for when buying a pod? ›

How to Choose a Pod System Vape | 5 Quick Tips for Choosing a Pod
  • Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) Vs Direct-To-Lung (DTL) ...
  • Battery Life. ...
  • Refillable Pods (Open) Vs Pre-Filled Pods (Closed) ...
  • Draw Activated vs Button Activated Pod Vapes. ...
  • Price.
Jun 7, 2020

What Cannot be stored in PODS? ›

Hazardous Materials such as toxic chemicals, gas, liquids, substance, material or waste, lawn mowers, motorized vehicles and illegal items cannot be placed in a PODS Container.

Do PODS get moldy? ›

Plant pods are packed with rich plant food, water and have just the right pH level. It is perfect for your plants, but also - it offers perfect growing conditions for mold and algae to grow too.

How big of a pod do I need? ›

16-foot PODs are ideal for moving a 1,200 square foot home containing three to four rooms. The size is comparable to a 20-foot moving truck or a 10-by-15-foot storage unit. 12-foot PODs are the appropriate size for a 500-800 square foot apartment containing two to three rooms of contents.

What do PODS stand for? ›

What does PODS stand for? PODS stands for Portable On Demand Storage. PODS created the concept of portable storage in 1998.

What is the largest pod container? ›

16-foot container

The PODS 16-ft. container is approximately 16'x8'x8. According to PODS, the container is the company's largest container option and is a “popular choice for moving a home with three or four rooms.” The inside of the container offers 857 cubic feet of packing space. PODS claims that the 16-ft.


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