15 Best Colleges for Students with Autism | 2023 Rankings (2023)

More than half of young adults with autism spectrum disorder don’t attend college after high school. And although 35 percent will try to attend college later, most do not get admitted or they do but then drop out.

Although many colleges and universities offer a range of services for students with learning or physical disabilities, those with autism spectrum disorder have needs that go beyond the classroom, and their success in the classroom is directly involved in those needs.

As a result, this post compiles a list of the best colleges for students with autism. These colleges are doing all they can to help their students with autism have the best learning experience possible.

When looking for college programs for students with autism spectrum disorders, look through this list of the best colleges for autistic students we have outlined below.

What is Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurological condition that affects a wide range of mental processes and can cause significant delays in development. People with autism may experience struggle with basic social skills, have difficulty communicating, and/or exhibit repetitive or rigid behavior.

However, ASD does not affect general intelligence. In fact, some individuals may exhibit superior cognitive ability in certain areas, while autistic people with autism are known to exhibit high ability in art, music, mathematics, or general memorization.

The symptoms of Autism (or in its less severe form, Asperger’s Syndrome) cause challenges that can persist throughout life. Daily functioning can be especially difficult for college students with ASD, who may struggle to make friends, communicate with professors, and adapt to the dynamic environment of a college campus.

Table of contents

  • What is Autism?
  • Brief History of Students with Autism
  • What are the 15 Best Colleges for Students with Autism?
    • 15.University of Montana
    • 14.Western Michigan University
    • 13. University of Connecticut
    • 12. Rutgers University
    • 11. University of Alabama
    • 10.Texas Tech University
    • 9.Edinboro University
    • 8. Western Kentucky University
    • 7.Kent State University
    • 6. University of South Florida
    • 5. Eastern Michigan University
    • 4. Midwestern State University
    • 3. Marshall University
    • 2.University of West Florida
    • 1. Bellevue College
  • Best Colleges for Students with Autism FAQs:
  • Conclusion
  • Editor’s Recommendation:

Brief History of Students with Autism

An estimated 10-14% of current college students suffer from autism spectrum disorder. In numbers, this represents 1.8 million to 2.6 million college students on the autism spectrum, according to the US Census Bureau. And with current numbers from the Center for Disease Control suggesting that 1 in every 59 children are now diagnosed with autism, those numbers are set to increase in the very near future. That’s why it’s more important than ever for colleges and universities across the country to adapt, giving students on the autism spectrum the support, facilities, and perhaps most importantly, opportunities for success.

What are the 15 Best Colleges for Students with Autism?

Though some of the schools below are large, elite research universities, and others are small, private liberal arts schools. They all share one significant thing in common: they are the country’s most neuro-inclusive institutions of higher learning.

To identify, evaluate, and narrow such an important list,here at Kiiky we started by ranking the following list based on their annual tuition cost, with the most affordable universities being on top.

However, we encourage you to review each program in order to find the one that best fits your needs. The annual tuition is based on in-state tuition costs. For out-of-state tuition costs, please visit the university’s website.

Here are the Best Programs for College Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder

15.University of Montana

Location: Missoula, MT

Annual Tuition: $14,126

Program: MOSSAIC Program (Mentoring, Organization, and Social Support for Autism Inclusion on Campus)

The University of Montana has a program designed to assist all students who fall on the autism spectrum. Students with problems in their language and speech skills will likely benefit because one of the five basic principles of the program is direct speech-language therapy.

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There are also trained professionals and classmates to support students with autism and help them develop their academic and social skills. To ensure that their interventions have positive results, program managers use scripting, models, and social narratives among other evidence-based practices.

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14.Western Michigan University

Location: Kalamazoo, MI

Annual Tuition: $12,174

Program: Autism Services Center

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The University of Michigan, autism program begins the summer immediately after high school ends, giving students the opportunity to get to campus weeks ahead of time, allowing them to adjust to new homes. As part of this early orientation / extended orientation, students must enroll in the first undergraduate course and complete a part-time job study position.

Throughout the school year, ASD students will have access to a number of services, including organized social events, peer tutoring, and being part of the “Best Friends” program. Media services such as “Test Taking Skills” and “Dating 101” is also available to those who need them. The university also assists its TEA students in their post-college efforts by connecting them with federal and private employers through the workforce recruitment program.

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13. University of Connecticut

Annual Tuition: $11,998

Program: SEAD (Strategic Education for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder)

The University of Connecticut has a program called SEAD, which means strategic education for students with an autism spectrum disorder. Through this program, students with autism receive a support system that begins at a new student seminar, as they connect with key personnel to help them move to college.

The program helps students learn more about themselves, their disabilities, and their social interactions. The skills they learn on campus can be practiced in social interactions and in the job market.

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12. Rutgers University

Location: New Brunswick, NJ

Annual Tuition: $11,619

Program: DDDC (Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center)

Through the Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center atRutgers University, students with autistic spectrum disorder have access to a wide variety of accommodations to meet their needs. Students have the option to live in a single room with no roommates. They have weekly meetings with coordinators. Students are also assigned a student peer mentor, who is often junior or senior studying psychology.

These students peer mentors help students with autism expand their social networks while providing support. For example, if a student with autism wants to join a club on campus, these peer mentors will go with them to a few meetings as friends to help them transition into the new social circle.

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11. University of Alabama

Location: Tuscaloosa, AL

Annual Tuition: $11,580

Program: UA-ACTS Program (University of Alabama, ASDCollege Transition and Support)

The founders of the College Transition and Support Program at theUniversity of Alabamahope that through their program, students can gain the skills necessary to not only succeed in their college courses but become independent adults who can succeed in their chosen career as well.

The program provides personal training from the faculty members, their students, and clinical psychologists to autistic students. The training helps these students improve their study and interaction skills.

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10.Texas Tech University

Location: Lubbock, TX

Annual Tuition: $10,772

Program: Burkhart Transition Academy

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Texas Techis well-suited for students who need more intensive help as they work to reach their goal of higher education or vocational training. Through their three-year Transition Academy program, students with ASD can participate in daily classes that strengthen their students’ social, life, and job skills.

Students can enroll in fitness, nutrition, and music classes in addition to participating in various volunteer activities and social events. Internships are also available for those interested in becoming part of the workforce, under the supervision of trained job coaches.

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9.Edinboro University

Location: Edinboro, PA

Annual Tuition: $10,281

Program: Boro Autism Support Initiative for Success (BASIS) Program

Edinboro Universityhelps its students with ASD by helping them develop their academic, social, and daily living skills through the BASIS Program. Students are provided with peer mentoring and professional coaching, as well as special arrangements and accommodations when it comes to the classroom and testing setting if needed.

Students enrolled in the BASIS program also have access to writing specialist services if they need help in that area. In addition to their modest cost of attendance, Edinboro may provide additional funding depending on the circumstance, helping to reduce any out-of-pocket expenses students and their families may face.

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8. Western Kentucky University

Location: Green, KY

Annual Tuition: $10,202

Program: Kelly Autism Program

In 2002,Western Kentucky Universitycreated theKelly Autism Programto assist students with autism to succeed in the classroom. Students enrolled in the program have their own individual education plan with assistance to help them stay on track. Each student is assigned a mentor who helps them acclimate to campus life.

There are mandatory study times for the students four times a week in which they study for their courses. They also receive instruction on organizing and prioritizing their work, job coaching, and tutoring. Also, as part of the Kelly Autism Program, the students participate in community activities and social and leisure activities.

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7.Kent State University

Location: Kent, OH

Annual Tuition: $10,012

Program: Autism Advocates and AIREO

Kent Stateoffers a variety of services for students with autism, giving them a number of options to choose from. Their Autism Advocates Program helps students develop academic and personal success strategies while at college.

Another program is College Success for Students with Asperger’s or Autism, a comprehensive program that offers job assistance, self-advocacy training, and individualized academic support among other services. Finally, there’s the PALS program (Partnering for Achievement and Learning Success), where ASD students are paired with neurotypical students to help them develop their social skills. All of these choices in programs make Kent State University a great place for students with ASD to be part of.

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6. University of South Florida

Location: Tampa, FL

Annual Tuition: $9,900

Program: The Learning Academy

TheUniversity of South Florida’s autism program is career-centric and focuses on real-world skill development, helping students find internships and job opportunities that match their strengths and interests. Group activities are also available for those wishing to improve their communication and social skills.

Mentors are paired up with students and have weekly classes where there’s an emphasis on finding employment. As part of the weekly classes, students participate in role-playing, self-assessment, and group discussions. It’s important to note that USF’s program is not residential, and the school doesn’t recommend taking additional college courses while enrolled in the program.

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5. Eastern Michigan University

Location: Ypsilanti, MI

Annual Tuition: $9,528

Program: College Supports Program

At up to $8,500 a semester, the College Supports Program atEastern Michigan Universitymay be one of the most expensive support programs, but it is also one of the best programs there are. Students can receive the one-on-one support they need in every aspect of their life, including nutrition and hygiene training.

Throughout their time in school, students involved in the program will have all the support they need to perform well in their classes. That support comes in the form of not only faculty and counsellors but other students with autism as well.

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4. Midwestern State University

Location: Wichita Falls, TX

Annual Tuition: $8,694

Program: Autism Support Program

Autistic students atMidwestern State Universityhave the option to live in a designated house on campus where they will also live with two peer mentors. These mentors are not only there to assist the students but also teach them how to live independently and succeed in college. If the students have additional problems, they also have access to staff members on campus who will help them adjust to their new lives.

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3. Marshall University

Location: Huntington, WV

Annual Tuition: $7,798

Program: Autism Training Center

Marshall University has an autism training center. The entrance to the center is approximately $3,200 per semester. However, due to additional funding, the school can provide exceptional support to students with autism.


Students meet daily with counsellors to help them set goals and prepare to-do lists to help them grow. This allows students to gain confidence, see themselves progress, and acquire the skills necessary to enter the job market of their choice. They also meet frequently with their professors, who will help them succeed in the classroom and link them to social activities on campus.

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2.University of West Florida

Location: Huntington, WV

Annual Tuition: $7,798

Program: Autism Training Center

The University of West Florida is a great place for those who prefer individual help. The University provides individual social, academic, and professional support to its students with autism through the “Argos for Autism” program, where professional coaches help students advance into their university lives and assist them in academic planning. The school also offers an early transfer program for TEA students at a low price of $100, which includes two days of activities designed for new college students to live alone.

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1. Bellevue College

Location: Bellevue, WA

Annual Tuition: $3,230

Program: Autism Spectrum Navigators

Bellevue College offers special courses for students on the autism spectrum through its Autism Spectrum Navigators program (ASN). These ASN courses work hand in hand with regular college classes and focus on professional preparation and skill development (stress management, interpersonal communication, self-defense, etc.).

Students receive assistance and support from both dedicated teachers and peer mentors. Parents are encouraged to review quarterly progress updates, which helps the family participate in student progress. The program is accessible to any Bellevue College student and comes at no extra charge.

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Best Colleges for Students with Autism FAQs:

ARe there colleges for sudens with disabilities?

Thereare tonsof college scholarshipsavailable forstudentswith disabilities more generally, but only a few created specifically forstudents with autism.Scholarships for students with autisminclude Avonte Oquendo MemorialScholarshipforAutism, $5,000. Schwallie FamilyScholarship, $3,000.

Do autistic adults enroll in college?

According to a 2011 study, about 17 percent of young adults withautismenroll in a four-yearcollege, compared with 21 percent of people with learning disabilities and about 40 percent of people with visual or hearing impairments.
In severe cases, anautistic childmay never learn to speak or make eye contact. But manychildrenwithautismand otherautismspectrum disorders are able to live relativelynormallives.

Does DLA lead to an award?

DLA is a non-diagnosis specificbenefit, so having a diagnosis ofautism willnot automatically lead to an award, but manychildrenon theautismspectrumdoqualify for thebenefit. It is also entirely non-means tested, so your income and savings are not taken into account.


With the number of children born with autism increasing, the need to create autistic-friendly learning programs is rising. Fortunately, more and more colleges and universities are stepping up to the challenge and are autism-friendly colleges, so take advantage of one of these colleges outlined above for better knowledge.

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What is the best college major for autistic students? ›

Other good majors are: accounting, engineering, library science, and art with an emphasis on commercial art and drafting. Majors in history, political science, business, English or pure math should be avoided.

What type of school is best for an autistic child? ›

There are various educational opportunities for students with autism: a general education classroom, a resource classroom, a special education classroom, or an autism-only setting. Some autistic students thrive in an inclusive class, while others are better in segregated situations. It all depends on the child.

What state is the best for autism education? ›

Colorado, New York, Maryland, and Connecticut typically rank high as the states providing the most benefits to autistic people in all age groups.

What is the average GPA for autistic people? ›

Academic Achievement

The average reported GPA for the sample was 3.27, with 80 percent of individuals reporting GPAs above 3.0. Forty-nine percent of the sample reported having advanced placement or college credits earned in high school, and only five individuals (14 percent) needed to take remedial courses.

What jobs are best for high functioning autism? ›

Career paths to consider include:
  1. Computer coding, data analyst, cybersecurity, and IT careers. ...
  2. Journalism. ...
  3. Animal science, pet grooming, and animal care. ...
  4. Filmmaking, computer-generated special effects, photography. ...
  5. Archivist, librarian, or historian. ...
  6. Science and Technology research. ...
  7. Military. ...
  8. Manufacturing.
Mar 10, 2022

What is the highest degree of autism? ›

Level 3 is the most severe level of autism. People with level 3 autism have limited ability to speak clearly. Difficulty with both verbal and nonverbal communication makes it challenging to interact with others. This level of autism requires a higher level of support throughout life.

Can an autistic child become a doctor? ›

The limiting reality factor to completing medical school and residency, then functioning as a physician, would be the extent of the underlying disability. With autism, for example, the disability can range from severe (low functioning) to minor (high functioning).

Should my autistic child go to college? ›

Many teenagers with autism do well in high school and head off to college. When they get there, they sometimes run into unexpected challenges. But with the right tools and preparation, college students with autism can continue to succeed. Trouble with organization is common in kids with autism.

What is level 1 autism? ›

Level 1 is the mildest, or “highest functioning” form of autism, which includes those who would have previously been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. Individuals with ASD level 1 may have difficulty understanding social cues and may struggle to form and maintain personal relationships.

Is college hard for autistic students? ›

Although some individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may find college overwhelming or too challenging, many students with autism do well in an academic environment, particularly if they have the opportunity to focus on areas of personal interest.

Where are autism rates highest? ›

Autism Statistics by Country
#CountryAutism Rate
1United Kingdom700.07 per 100k
2Sweden661.85 per 100k
3Japan604.72 per 100k
4United States of America603.38 per 100k
71 more rows

What percent of autistic students go to college? ›

RESULTS: For youth with an ASD, 34.7% had attended college and 55.1% had held paid employment during the first 6 years after high school.

How to survive college with autism? ›

  1. Acquaint yourself with the disabilities services office BUT don't make any assumptions about their knowledge of AS. ...
  2. Consider disclosure, on an as-needed basis. ...
  3. Find activity-based clubs. ...
  4. Smaller is not always better. ...
  5. Choose a campus first, then establish your network of support. ...
  6. Take care of yourself.

What is the unemployment rate for autism? ›

More than 66% of young adults on the Autism spectrum are unemployed and are not engaged in higher education 2 years after exiting high school.

What percentage of gifted students are autistic? ›

In the United States, 1 in 59 children is autistic. About 70% of autistic people have an intellectual disability, which means they have an IQ lower than 70. The remaining 30% have intelligence that ranges from average to gifted. Autism and intelligence are two separate characteristics.

Can you be in the Army with autism? ›

According to the U.S. Air Force Medical Standards Directory, Autism Spectrum Disorder is not disqualifying for continued military service unless it is currently--or has a history of--compromising military duty or training.

Can someone with autism join the military? ›

According to the information presented by the US Air Force and other branches, people with Autism Spectrum Disorder aren't forbidden to go into the military. However, it is restricted to people that have a condition that would personally hinder their ability to carry out their duties.

What is the life expectancy of someone with autism? ›

Long-term research that involved following a group of individuals with autism for two decades indicates that the average life expectancy for some autistic people is about 39 years. Furthermore, this population generally succumbed to health complications about 20 years earlier than individuals who do not have autism.

What is the hardest part of being autistic? ›

Due to the behavioural, information processing and sensory aspects of their diagnosis, many people on the autism spectrum often prefer familiar environments with a predictable routine. Restricted and repetitive interests, sensory processing differences and heightened anxiety can make even small changes stressful.

What are the 4 levels of autism? ›

The previous DSM-4 categorized autism as separate diagnoses of Asperger's syndrome, PDD-NOS, autistic disorder, and CDD. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has an autism information page with links to resources.

Are there any real doctors with autism? ›

Surveys estimate that about 1 percent of doctors — primarily general practitioners and psychiatrists — are autistic. Many hide their diagnosis from their colleagues because they worry they will be stigmatized.

Can an autistic person be a father? ›

Just like any other adults, people on the autism spectrum can be exemplary parents. An acceptance and appreciation of their autism and access to appropriate support for themselves and their families can help them to effectively manage the unique challenges they face.

Will an autistic father have an autistic child? ›

According to a study published in Molecular Autism, children born to mothers with autism have a 5.4% chance of also being diagnosed with the disorder, while children born to fathers with autism have only a 1.5% chance.

How do I prepare my autistic child for college? ›

Ways to help prepare your autistic child for college
  1. Improve communication and social skills. ...
  2. Teach your teen how to set goals. ...
  3. Focus on executive function skills. ...
  4. Encourage self-advocacy. ...
  5. Enroll them in a study-skills course and hire a tutor to help them learn how to study effectively. ...
  6. Practice life skills.
Apr 11, 2021

Can autistic people get degrees? ›

With the help of college support programs, students with autism and other autistic spectrum disorders can achieve their goals, earn their degrees, and make their way into the career of their choice.

Is autism is Hereditary? ›

Inheritance. ASD has a tendency to run in families, but the inheritance pattern is usually unknown. People with gene changes associated with ASD generally inherit an increased risk of developing the condition, rather than the condition itself.

What is type 2 autism? ›

Type 2 autism, or level 2 autism, is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects how an individual communicates and behaves. They are compromised in social communication, exhibiting atypical social behaviors, and may even walk away in the middle of an interaction.

What are the 3 main causes of autism? ›

There are many different factors that have been identified that may make a child more likely to have ASD, including environmental, biologic, and genetic factors.

What is the mildest form of autism? ›

If you still hear people use some of the older terms, you'll want to know what they mean: Asperger's syndrome. This is on the milder end of the autism spectrum. A person with Asperger's may be very intelligent and able to handle their daily life.

What accommodations do autistic students get in college? ›

Accommodations will vary among ASD students. Some common examples include allowing for more time to get to class, note-takers in the class, and alternative testing locations. Additional accommodations might include having a special room in the dormitory or having a special place to go during sensory overloads.

Is math hard for autistic students? ›

Autistic children can experience deficits in executive functioning. This can lead to difficulties in math word problem solving as it involves: Organizing information and operations. Flexibly moving between pieces of information.

Can autistic child be successful? ›

Results suggest that there are socially successful children with autism in classrooms with identifiable malleable traits that can be addressed in intervention.

What country has lowest autism? ›

Most countries have diagnosed autism rates of between 60 and 100 for every 10,000 children. The country with the lowest diagnosed autism rate in the world is France, with about 1 in 144 children being diagnosed. There are just five countries with an autism rate that is higher than 100 out of every 10,000 children.

Why is autism so common now? ›

Advances in diagnostic capabilities and greater understanding and awareness of autism spectrum disorder seem to be largely driving the increase, the Rutgers researchers said. But there's probably more to the story: Genetic factors, and perhaps some environmental ones, too, might also be contributing to the trend.

Why has autism increased so much? ›

The CDC says more children are being diagnosed with autism than ever before. The rates may reflect growing awareness of autism spectrum disorder and a focus on getting more children into treatment. Other factors including air pollution, low birth weight, and stress may also be behind the increase in diagnoses.

What happens when an autistic child turns 18? ›

Once your special needs child turns 18, becoming his or her “guardian” allows you to continue to meet his or her needs, the fact that he or she is now legally an adult notwithstanding. Becoming your child's guardian does not in any way alter your fundamental relationship as your child's parent.

How does autism affect academics? ›

Children with autism often face unique challenges in school and learning overall. They may need more time to understand concepts or an IEP (Individualized Education Plan). On top of delays in cognitive development, autistic children are affected by other hindrances, such as sensory issues and behavior problems.

What do autistic kids do after high school? ›

Vocational and trade school programs: Young adults with autism can have the opportunity to learn a skill or a trade, get on-the-job training, and gain work experience with the supervision and support they need.

Can autistic people do well in college? ›

Although some individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may find college overwhelming or too challenging, many students with autism do well in an academic environment, particularly if they have the opportunity to focus on areas of personal interest.

How to succeed in college with autism? ›

  1. Acquaint yourself with the disabilities services office BUT don't make any assumptions about their knowledge of AS. ...
  2. Consider disclosure, on an as-needed basis. ...
  3. Find activity-based clubs. ...
  4. Smaller is not always better. ...
  5. Choose a campus first, then establish your network of support. ...
  6. Take care of yourself.

Why is college hard for autistic students? ›

Because college comes with so many new responsibilities, autistic students may have a hard time managing their time and staying on track. Living independently, taking care of daily needs, managing homework and schedules — dealing with all these things at once can be overwhelming.

What of people with autism graduate college? ›

According to a study by psychologist Susan W. White, only 41% of students with disabilities, including autism, enrolled in a four-year college will graduate with a bachelor's degree.

Should I tell my college I have autism? ›

Disclosing on college applications

The question of whether to disclose autism in college applications, however, is a very personal decision. In general, there's no reason to assume that disclosure will either help or hurt a student's chances of being admitted.

Does autism count as a disability in college? ›

Unlike high schools, colleges require students with autism to ask for what they need. Students must provide proof of their disability and request accommodations through a disability services office. In many cases, they also must notify their professors of their needs.

How do autistic people learn best? ›

Rote memory skills and autism. Autistic children are often good at learning by heart (rote memory). Many autistic children can remember large chunks of information, like conversations from movies, words to a song, number plates and so on.

What percentage of autistic people have college degrees? ›

For youth with an ASD, 34.7% had attended college and 55.1% had held paid employment during the first 6 years after high school.

How does autism affect academically? ›

Children with autism often face unique challenges in school and learning overall. They may need more time to understand concepts or an IEP (Individualized Education Plan). On top of delays in cognitive development, autistic children are affected by other hindrances, such as sensory issues and behavior problems.

What are the weaknesses of students with autism? ›

  • Noise Sensitivity.
  • Sleep Problems and other Sleep Issues.
  • Sensory Issues: Seeking and Avoiding.
  • Mood Instability and Meltdowns.
  • The Challenge of Physical Fitness for People with Autism.
  • Executive Function Issues.
  • Activities of Daily Living.

What is most common in students with autism? ›

Anxiety is common in autistic children, and 40-60% of autistic children have it. Social anxiety is one of the most common anxiety disorders. Social anxiety probably happens because autistic people often have a style of interacting that can make socialising difficult for them.


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