10 Quotes That Prove Rey Is The Best Jedi (2023)

While Rey is one of many controversial elements in the latestStar Warstrilogy, the main character showed that she could, possibly, be one of the best Jedi. From the moment Rey slid onto the movie screen in The Force Awakens, however, she captured the audience's attention andbeautifullymet the standards Jedi are required to follow.

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Quick-witted and enthusiastic without coming across as naive, Reyleads the new trilogydespite its attempts to wander in admittedly bizarre directions. Far from falling into the Mary Suetrope as she is often accused of, Rey struggles, learns, and ultimately leads the series to a redemptive conclusionthat echoes back to the end of the original story. The following are quotes that prove that Ray is arguably the best Jedi, according to the philosophy found in theJedi Academy Training Manual.


When She Foreshadowed Her Own Arc

"Classified, Really? Me Too. Big Secret."

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Not only does this line give audiences their first taste of her personality, but it also hints at the truth of her origins. This quote comes on the heels of the movie's visual introduction of Rey. Like Luke and Anakin before her, Rey liveson a desert planet called Jakku. All alone, she scavenges for parts, bargains with tradesmen, and creates a home for herself.

Even in her silence, Ray communicates a longing for more than her current circumstances as she works in town and observes the others around her. What all this has hinted at, though, is verbalized in her first words to BB-8 after she saves him. Though she has no idea that her origins are, in fact, a shattering secret, this line points to the final reveal of her origins in The Rise of Skywalker.

When She Believed In Herself

"I Can Do This, I Can Do This."

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Though often told that she is a nobody junker with parents who selfishly left her behind, Rey's refusal to allow this to hold her back mirrors the journies of the Jedi before her and shows her fight to conquer defeatism. Before ever having met another Jedi, Rey understands the dangerous path of fear. And when she is faced with a new challenge, she chooses to hold on to the truth rather than crumble in terror.

Confident in her skills as a pilot and mechanic, Rey counters her fears of facing down a dangerous enemy by reminding herself of the truth. With the force waking up inside of her along her journey, she takes the skills she has learned on Jakku and applies them to every unique new challenge.

When She Faced Her Own Fear

"Inside Me, The Same Force."

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In The Force Awakens, when Rey first touches Luke Skywalker's lightsaber and hears the voices from the past, she is terrified and insists that she wants nothing to do with any of it. Though she has started to feel the flow of the Force inside her, this incident is overwhelming.

Even so, she quickly faces her fear head-on, trusting this new power and her feelings in the same way her predecessors did. When she finally makes her way to Luke to receive training, she experiences a powerful moment of quiet. For the first time, she can truly feel the Force not only flowing through everything around her but recognizes it in herself as well.

When She Marveled At New Worlds

"I Didn't Know There Was This Much Green In The Whole Galaxy."

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Confronted with the beautiful vegetation of a new planet, Rey marvels at the life all around her. The beauty she is witnessing strikes wonder into her not only because she has lived for so long on a desert planet but also because she is connected to the Force.

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Lifestrengthens the light side of the Force, and as Rey shows later when she heals the vexis in The Rise of Skywalker, she will always fight to heal, protect, and preserve it. Her awe of this new world is a sign of her connection to the light side of the Force. Not only that, but her enthusiasm is a call back to a young Luke in the original series and a refreshing moment for the audience.

When She Had Kylo Ren's Number

"You. You're Afraid. That You Will Never Be As Strong As Darth Vader."

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Rey's instincts shine through in this line during her first encounter with Kylo-Ren. As the Force grows within her, she begins to learn to trust the Force and what it's telling her. As Ren attempts to drag the truth out of her, she uses the moment to learn. He becomes her unwitting teacher and unintentionally allows her to push back.

In doing so, Rey senses the motivation driving Kylo Ren along his path, particularlybecausefear is at the helm. Though she is still inexperienced and needs a master to teach her, Rey allows the Force to flow through her. When she does this, it guides her actions and gives her tools to fight in an impossible situation.

When She Didn't Hesitate To Try Using The Force

"You Will Remove These Restraints And Leave This Cell With The Door Open."

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As is shown at the beginning of The Force Awakens, Rey's experiences with Jakku taught her how to learn and react quickly.During her encounter with Kylo-Ren, she picks up on the techniques and strategies that he uses in an attempt to interrogate her.

When given the opportunity, she then attempts to use them herself. Though it takes her a few tries to master her fear and to fully trust her ability to use the Force, she is finally able to calm herself and command the Storm Trooper to release her.

When She Asked For Help

"I Need Someone To Show Me My Place In All Of This."

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Understanding her limitations, the need for a Jedi Master, and the Resistance's need for a leader, Rey seeks Luke's guidance. Despite his resistance, Rey knows that he is her best hope of learning how to understand the Force and how to work with it to bring about healing and an end to the intergalactic war raging around them.

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Even with her past successes, sherecognizes her limitations by asking for help. When her potential master exhibits both stubbornness and defeatism, she never gives up and ultimately helps him find hope again.

When She Believed In Second Chances

"Your Father Was The Most Hated Man In The Galaxy. He Caused So Much Death And Destruction For Many Years. But You Saw There Was Conflict Inside Him. You Believed That He Wasn't Gone. That He Could Be Turned."

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After one ofthe worst decisions of his life, Luke has all but given up. Though he once sawthe possibilitythat Darth Vader could be redeemed, the destruction he caused by even considering killing Kylo Ren because of the potential darkness he saw in him has driven him into shame-filled seclusion.

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But Rey refuses to give in to despair. Intent on bringing healing and fostering life even in places where all hope seems lost,she encourages Luke to remember the past. The redemption of his fatheris strong evidence that there ishope for Kylo Ren. Rey's words ultimately help shake Luke from his despair and drive him to reenter the fight.

When She Conquered External Loyalties

"I Don't Want To Go Without Your Blessing, But I Will. I Will. It's What You Would Do."

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Jedi arecounseled to be loyal first and foremost to the Force. Though outside relationships are not discouraged, divided loyalty is. Rey exhibits this ideal in The Rise of Skywalker when she is willing to go against Leia's advice and follow the guidance of the Force. Now deeply connected to its flow, she understands the path she must take even though it will be difficult.

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After spending so much time seeking a family and a Jedi Master, going against Leia's wishes is intensely difficult for Rey. However, she is willing to take the path that she knows is right even if it means disappointing her new mentor.

When She Chose Found Family

"Rey Skywalker."

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In, perhaps one of the most controversial lines of the series, Rey claims the Skywalker family as her own. In this scene, she chooses not to allow hergrandfather to define who she is, or dictate her path. The members of the Skywalker family in one way or another all treated her as one of their own. This quote also shows how Rey's journey has helped end the cycle of generational trauma within the Skywalker family.

The prophecy about Anakin has come full circle in the healing of Ben Solo and the final destruction of Emperor Palpatine's line. Though this meant the death of Palpatine, it ultimately leads to life as Reyaligns herself with the light side of the Force and the Skywalker family. With this final line, she proves herself to be an amazing Jedi and one of the most fantastic characters within the Star Wars series.

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